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Hello world!

May 8, 2009

It’s 3:31 in the morning on the digital clock as I am making this entry in the Notepad of my system.  This message will be available for the world to view when I wake up and publish it on my new blog. But at this moment, I can’t connect to the internet. Not because of the usual “server down” problem of Tata Indicom, today it’s MSEB that is responsible for no internet connectivity, and of course, no electricity. It is probably the first time I am experiencing a power-cut in the night in this beautiful locale of Ideal Colony.

Well, writing is something that I’ve been doing since as long as I can remember. Be that writing short suspense/comedy stories while in school, starting a new venture called “novel writing” while in junior college, or writing restaurant reviews while at office. But for those who can write, writing is something that needs ample time, relaxed mind and a perfect “mood’. While the first two are not very difficult to achieve, creating the third one is surprisingly difficult and that’s why many thoughts in brilliant minds are left unwritten.

So let’s thank this power-cut for setting a perfect mood for a not-so-brilliant mind to start its new blog 🙂
This blog will be completely miscellaneous, to write about absolutely anything from the tragedy of a street beggar to a grocery shopowner’s sexy daughter!

I request all the readers to be active on this blog, and feel free to disagree, debate and post comments on all the posts.

Wish me happy blogging!

Good night Pune!