About the Author

wonders cant be explained easily…but this is my best attempt to describe one….

a simple,innocent, fun loving person and a true egalitarian.

a total extrovert for the loving ones, a complete introvert for the others.

enjoy witty discussions and intellectual debates.

‘ve got an excellent sense of humor, which is mistaken as sarcasm most of the times. and vice-versa.

love the joy of creativity. have written six novels so far, all fictions, but they are deeply influenced by my childhood, what i am and what i wanted to be like.

cannot be too practical, too positive or too optimistic.

blessed (or cursed?) with a flawless memory. cannot forget anything easily.

hate those who do not care for others’ feelings.

a bit too sensitive sometimes. maybe a bit unpredictable for many.

a real foodie, love to cook…. and to eat.

like to experiment with my looks. constantly changing hairstyles/spikes- stylish sideburns- attractive goatees- well built physique– that’s me!!

have recently developed a liking for blog writing. keep checking my blogsites for new articles :



Some of the Best Moments in Life:
* To laugh until it hurts your stomach.
* To listen to your favorite song on the radio.
* To clear your last exam.
* To find money in a pant that you haven’t used since last year .
*Remember Calls at midnight that last for hours.:))
* To accidentally hear somebody say something good about you.
* To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep for a couple of hours.

* To hear a song that makes you remember a special person.

cheers !!!


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